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See why we are obsessed with having our work be "Level 5"

The term "Level 5" is an architectural designation for the highest quality of finish. It engenders our philosophy of incorporating the very best craftsmen to work in concert with builders to produce, not just “industry-standard” projects, but industry-leading projects. Our comprehensive Framing Prelim, innovative installation procedures, and use of experienced finishers elevates the ordinary to the exceptional.

Seattle Custom Framing

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Level 5 Smooth Wall


‘‘From Wall preparation to the final finish selection, your team rates as one of our top subcontractors. Delivering ultra-contemporary reglet details to old world plaster finishes, Level 5 has all the tools available to create the designed surface.

- Mike Benson, Bender Chaffey Corporation

‘‘I’ve been using the expertise of the company currently known as Level 5 since the mid 90’s. As far as I’m concerned, Level 5 is the only drywall company out there. Their crew is well-respected, cordial and dependable.

- Bill Martinez, Schultz | Miller

‘‘We have been using Level 5 for most of our drywall needs for the last 20 years. I have to say they are the most professional and quality-oriented drywall contractor that I have ever come across. Keep up the good work guys.

- Hamish Anderson

Being the "Best" Means
No Shortcuts

Seattle Custom Framing

The true comparison needs to be made based on the expectations of the finished product. We have found there are no shortcuts, be it in less experienced labor, or inferior materials.

Anticipating and solving potential problems before they become reality has proven to be a better method than making repairs after the fact. Our long-term employees have particularly shown themselves unique on projects that require substantial interface with either architects or homeowners, communication being their mandate.

Our history of long-term relationships with builders speaks to our goal of working in partnership, sharing our experience to bring a project from concept to reality.

It is this same commitment to our employees that allows us to staff your projects with the highest level of expertise and service.

Your local Seattle and area professionals for Level 5 smooth wall, custom metal framing, and Venetian plaster finishes.


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