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Mike Benson

"I would like to thank the team from Level 5 Inc. for their continued excellence providing services to Bender Chaffey Corporation. From the wall preparation to the final finish selection, your team rates as one of our top subcontractors. Delivering ultra-contemporary reglet details to old world plaster finishes, Level 5 has all the tools available to create the designed surface. When the General Contractor receives smiles from our discerning clients, we know that it is our subcontractors that deserve the praise. I look forward to our next project together."

Bill Martinez

"I’ve been using the expertise of the company currently knows as Level 5 since the mid 90’s. As far as I’m concerned, Level 5 is the only drywall company out there. Their crew is well respected, cordial, and dependable. We deal with a lot of different subcontractors, but level 5 is without a doubt one of my favorite subs to do business with. With the precision that I need in the homes that we do, there is no one better suited to do the job. They are hands down, the best drywall company I have ever come across."

Jack Floyd

"I was very impressed with Level 5’s approach and quality. When they accepted the framing job, their team spent more than 60 hours preparing the framing ahead of their hanging crew. The hanging crew, all professional courteous veterans, were careful not to cover any missed issues. The finishers were equally professional and pleasant to work with. The schedule was tight, 15 days, and they were not only finished but they removed the floor cover, debris, equipment, left over material and vacuumed the floors, and window sills. I’ve never been this completely satisfied with a drywall sub."

Jay Coupard

"Level 5 has exclusively provided framing prep, drywall hanging and drywall finishing for my projects over the last ten years. These projects have been ones typically challenging for drywall companies; full restorations mixing new and old framing, and partial remodels keeping large sections of original and lower quality drywall work. Level 5 has met these challenges gracefully; providing good planning information, responsible pricing that allows them to complete work to extremely high standards and schedules, and working in a courteous manner with myself, other trades, and clients. "

Hamish Anderson

"We’ve been using Level 5 for most of our drywall needs for the last 20 years. I have to say they are the most professional and high-quality oriented drywall contractor that I have ever come across. From Steve the estimator, to Dennis the field superintendent, to all the crew that hang and tape the board. They are all well skilled at what they do and are very professional. I will continue to use them on our projects and being a custom home builder our clients love them as well. Keep up the good work guys!"

Martin R. Marley

"Over the past few years when discussing upcoming jobs I will be running without project managers I make it extremely clear right from the start that Level 5 better be my drywall contractor. Our clients have extremely high expectations of the quality of finishes in their new homes, and I know that with Level 5 my walls and ceilings are going to be on-the-money flat. Everyone from my tile setter to cabinet installer to painter has come to appreciate the level of detail that this company brings to the job. They show up when they say they will show up. Their crews are productive and respectful, and management time and again displays an unflinching willingness and ability to get the job done right. I cannot heap enough praise on this company as they make me and Bender Chaffey look good every time out."
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The Level 5 Process

Our approach to achieving a real level 5 finish involves much more than spraying on a coat of self-leveling product. We start with our extensive Framing Prelim. Setting this early precedent is key to establishing a flat base.

We always recommend 5/8" GWB for level 5, as this adds minimal additional cost while providing substantially more rigidity to both ceilings and walls, boards are ordered in lengths up to 14' 8" to eliminate as many butt joints as possible. Those joints that are necessary are backed by "Butt Boards" which serve to recess the untapered ends of the sheet, and allow an actual flat finish rather than just a feathered out illusion. All of the GWB is glued allowing for minimal use of fasteners and providing the added benefit of added sound attenuation.

Our finish is accomplished by a full hand-applied putty coat over the entire surface. It's the only way to finally homogenize the subtle differences that are highlighted by critical lighting, dark colors, or any sheen to the paint.

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