Our Level 5 Solutions

From Venetian Plaster to custom metal framing we do it all

Exquisitely Perfect Drywall

Level 5 is all about exquisite drywall. We go above and beyond typical drywall projects. First we start with our extensive framing prelim. Then, go to great lengths to ensure beautifully flat finishes (instead of just a feathered-out illusion.)

This system has been developed over 30 years of installing and finishing GWB in some of Seattle’s most prestigious homes. There are others who may promote their method as “just as good,” or may say “that’s just overkill,” but our system achieves‚Äč a true level 5 status time and again.

From Unique Designs to Reality

At Level 5, we don’t just do commodity metal framing. We take on the unique design elements that architects create and make them a reality.

Arches, Vaults, Barrels, and more.

Our metal framing is more exacting and more precise than traditional framing. Level 5 is proud to become part of the design and solution process.

Combining Reliability with Artistry

We trained our crew in Italy, source of these materials. Our expert preparation and application of plaster and render is unmatched, effortlessly recreating the serene gravity of polished natural stone. The process is thorough and precise, troweling three coats of blended plaster onto a finished substrate, after which a final product is burnished to create a smooth , glass-like polished finish. The surface is then sealed using a natural beeswax for longevity, emphasizing Level Five dedication to sustainable materials.

Service Vans

Our Signature Service allows us to quickly take care of smaller projects with our fleet of vehicles fully stuffed with the needed materials. Our services team can take expert care of detailed repairs and touchups, including protection and cleaning of the most delicate projects.


Custom Reveal Metal Trim

Custom Reveal Metal Trim is not something everyone can do properly. It takes a keen eye, years of experience, and the right technique to make it perfect.

Level 5 has worked on multiple projects over the years and has refined and fine-tuned the process. In fact, many people in the industry turn to us for expertise and instruction on the best ways to execute Reveal Metal Trim.

Our process is ever-evolving because we are always searching for newer and better ways to do it. We’ve been at the forefront before custom Reveal Metal Trim was the “standard.” Why entrust your project to anyone but the best?